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Toys vs. Poverty

Goldman Sachs investment banker turns toymaker…WHAT??? And not just any toys:
equisite wooden building blocks that are MAGNETIC…GENIUS!! But there’s more to the story:

Will Haughey explains it this way: “It was a combination of factors. First, I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Even at a young age, I’d stay up late thinking of new ideas. Second, I loved working in finance, but the prospect of making more money and rising in title, on its own, was not all that appealing to me. I was increasingly in a position to give financially to various initiatives, but I wanted to invest my time and talent, too.”

So, why toys? Chris Haughey, Will’s brother and co-founder of Tegu Toys, explains it this way…

Your purchase of these awesome blocks WILL make a difference in this world. Not only will your child love them, but you’ll help a child in Honduras go to school for a day or plant 12 trees for reforestation…your choice! (They have sets for adults as well!) http://www.tegu.com/building-sets

For the expanded interview with Will, check out this conversation with Bethany Jenkins: http://thegospelcoalition.org/article/tinkering-with-the-toy-industry

AEI (video)
Bethany Jenkins (interview): follow on twitter @BethanyJenkins

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