Colony House Band Debut

“When I Was Younger” is an album you’ll definitely want to add to your music collection! Colony House, formerly the band Caleb, has been touring the country for the last several months in prep for their debut album hitting the stores this Tuesday, July 22nd. Nashville-based band members Caleb Chapman, Will Chapman and Scott Mills are amassing a huge fan base…The Inspired Blogger included…with their unique sound with solid lyrics.

Check out two favorites from that new album:

Caleb Chapman says that, “‘Silhouettes’ is a steady reminder not to allow the dark moments in life to overshadow all the beautiful ones.”

A great reminder of the value of patience. Love the pairing with the animated “The Brave Tin Soldier” (1934)!

The album debuts this week on July 22nd. You’ll definitely want to pre-order at the links below. In fact, a few of the songs are already available for immediate download. You’ll find that this album will be at the top of your rotation…enjoy!



Videos: Colony House
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Seacrest Studio for Kids

Yesterday, TIB told you about the kind visit that Tim McGraw made to our friend, Kara, and the kids at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. ( I had never heard of a Kids’ Studio in a hospital before…what an great concept!! I had to find out more.

Ryan Seacrest, radio/television host, producer and of “American Idol” fame, opened the first studio in the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in 2010. The inspiration for this was born out of Seacrest’s many visits over the years to children’s hospitals, and the affect it had on him.

Seacrest states, “I have consistently been amazed by the courage of the children and their families and in awe of the tireless dedication and brilliance of the doctors and hospital staff. As a result of my experiences at these hospitals, I wanted to have a more lasting impact on children’s lives.

…Along with my parents and my sister, I created the Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF), a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring today’s youth through entertainment and education focused initiatives. Our foundation’s first initiative is to build broadcast media centers, named Seacrest Studios, in children’s hospitals across the country, allowing for patients to interact with a state-of-the-art radio/TV studio and meet some of the biggest stars in entertainment.

The aim of Seacrest Studios is to contribute positively to the healing process for children and their families during their stay (and visits) to the children’s hospitals.” (

Since 2010, Seacrest has opened 6 more studios in Children’s Hospitals around the United States. Just last week in Denver, Children’s Hospital Colorado was the latest to debut their new studio. Seacrest, his family and country music group, Lady Antebellum, were there for the celebration. Take a look…

Thanks, Ryan Seacrest, for all you’re dong for the kids!

You, too, can get involved and help Ryan make a difference in a child’s life! Go to for more details.


Thanks, Tim McGraw

Our sweet friend, Kara, is in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. She had a liver transplant about 4 months ago. While she is progressing, it is still a long road to being home. Today a special person dropped by the hospital to brighten her day: country music megastar, Tim McGraw! Cincinnati is the latest stop in his Sundown Heaven Town Tour. He took time out this afternoon to chat with a couple of the kids in the Seacrest Studio, WKID33. Kara was one the interviewers…the cute one in the middle peeking around the microphone! Catch her speaking about the interview at 4:17 in the video.

Please keep Kara in your prayers!! We’re all anxious to have her back home soon. Any shout-outs or encouraging words for her can be left in the comments below. Her faith and determination are an inspiration!

Video: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Communication: Men vs. Women

How great that men and women are different from each other…usually..a compliment and a balance to each other. The styles and ways in which we communicate vary greatly. Sometimes communication comes easy and…well…we can all relate to this…

Thanks, Jason Headley, for a good Friday laugh!! Have a great weekend, everyone!!

Jason Headley

Dads Respond to Disney

It’s Monday morning and the day starts with a million things to do!! Here’s a little morning pick-me-up before you head out the door. FINALLY, there is an anthem for all of us who have enjoyed/endured Disney songs blasting out from our radios or from the monitors in the car behind our heads! These two dads, Ryan O’Quinn and Todd Wilkerson, nailed it!

They’re singing my song!! Now go out and tackle that “to do” list!!

Happy Monday!

Video: RyanO’Quinn, Todd Wilkerson

Longest Jump, Greatest Grace

GoPro published an amazing video and article this week about an attempt by Guerlain Chicherit, a professional rally driver, to break the record for the longest ramp car jump of 332 feet. All filmmakers hope to catch “that moment” that makes you feel, understand and experience right along with what is taking place onscreen. GoPro has done that with this video. It is exciting, nerve-wracking, terrifying and…well, take a look! The whole video is worth watching and listening to this Chicherit’s perspective. If you can’t take the suspense, start that the 7:00 mark.

In GoPro’s comments with the video, they describe the experience this way: “It was a record of one man confronting his own mortality, and ultimately experiencing a moment of what we can only describe as grace.”

As we are careening through life on this earth, we have a God that extends grace to all of us daily, it is known as God’s common grace. The sun shines; the earth is warmed. Rain comes, and we have water to drink. Many things we take for granted daily are only because of grace from our Creator’s kind hand.

At some point though, we all will come face to face with our own mortality. In that time, God has provided the best grace when we need it the most. It’s called God’s saving grace. Because we have broken the laws of the One who created us, we must face justice. God sent His only Son Jesus, to take that punishment and die in our place, so that we can live with God eternally. We must acknowledge that we are lawbreakers, and accept, by faith, that Christ died for our sins. We have to turn away from living for ourselves, and follow the path that God lays out in the Bible for those who love Him. When we do that, we live with God eternally. That is the greatest grace of all!


Amazing Bluegrass Duo

I LOVE music…and one of my favorite genres is bluegrass! It just picks up your spirit and puts a smile on your face. Now before you roll your eyes and click on…hear me out! The musician at the top of my list is always Ricky Skaggs. His talent is unbeatable. His demeanor is engaging; and his love for Christ, unmeasureable. Ricky’s won 14 Grammys, with more to come. He’s played with the best in the business and with all types of musicians from Emmylou Harris, John Fogerty, Bruce Hornsby to the Gettys. His latest duo at the Grand Ole Opry was with an incredible 10 year old, Carson Peters. This little fiddle player is amazing!! Take a look…

What a great start to a promising future! You couldn’t ask for a better mentor.

If you’re new to Bluegrass, try my two favorite albums:
Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder:Live at the Charleston Music Hall
Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder: Brand New Strings
Check out Ricky Skaggs at:

For more on Fiddlin’ Carson Peters:

To hear Ricky with Keith & Kristyn Getty:


Today is my brother’s birthday. This fun little video from GoPro reminded me so much of the two of us growing up. Hope it brings back great memories of you & your siblings too!

Happy Birthday, Mark! Now go eat cake 🙂

Video: GoPro
We hope to have more of our own GoPro adventures to share with you in the coming days. Until then, check out their great products!

Unbroken on D-Day

Today, known as D-Day, is the 70th anniversary of the WWII Allies’ Normandy Beach invasion in 1944. This successful landing was the turning point that allowed the Allies to push all the way to Germany and effectively end World War II. We thank all the soldiers and their families for the lives and service they have given to our country so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we have.

In commemoration of all the heroic stories of WWII, I urge you to read the following book if you haven’t already:
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 11.19.55 AM
“Unbroken” is the biography of Louis Zamperini, 1936 runner in the Berlin Olympics who finished his last lap in the 5,000 meter in 56 seconds, bringing him the attention of the world and Adolf Hitler. Louis then became a WWII bombardier who got shot down over the Pacific Ocean and drifted for 47 days…only to be captured by the enemy!! (He also set a record for the longest survival at sea.) If that wasn’t enough, he becomes the personal target of Mutsuhiro Watanabe (“The Bird”) and attempts a daring escape…but that’s not the end! A triumph of the human spirit, “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand, will keep you on the edge of your seat and cheering till the end.

It is currently also in production as a movie, being directed by Angelina Jolie, and set to release Christmas Day 2014. Take a look…

For great D-Day stories and info:

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